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Refurbished Laptops for Small Business

Buying a refurbished laptop can save you hundreds of pounds over buying new so is much more cost effective.
In this helpful guide we explain what you should consider when buying Laptops for Small Businesses.

Choosing the perfect laptop for your small business

It’s crucial to have the correct equipment when in business, especially when it comes to IT equipment in our forever growing digital age.

Laptops are a brilliant way to help businesses with everyday tasks, both in the office and on the move, but it can be a little difficult knowing what kind of device your organisation needs. With so many computer brands in the market, choosing a laptop that is best fit for your organisation can become a bit of a ball game.

To take out some of the stress of deciding, here are some things to consider when buying laptops for your small business.

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Laptop on a desk in a meeting roomLaptop on a desk in a meeting room

How much do you want to spend?

Before anything else, it’s important to know how much budget your business has to spend and will you be buying just the one laptop, or multiple devices?

Laptops can range from hundreds of pounds, to thousands of pounds, depending on the model, brand and the laptop’s features. As a small business, you may not have the funds to be spending on brand new IT hardware.

At Encore, many of our refurbished laptops have come from business backgrounds, making them the perfect option when you don’t want to buy laptops brand new (check out our blog: Why Buy Refurbished?). We have a huge range of refurbished laptops to offer, including brands such as HP, Lenovo, Dell, and more!

We also have the option to bulk buy laptops for your business and offer wholesale discounts on a selection of our professionally refurbished laptops.

Where will the laptop be used?

The main benefit of a laptop is the fact it is portable. However, some laptops are easier to use on the go more than others.

If your small business only requires a laptop to use when in the office, then a larger laptop that can be constantly plugged in may not be an issue, but if your employees are constantly travelling around, then they will require not only a lightweight laptop, but a good battery life too.

You may also require a number of laptops in the same room at once, likes of a conference room. Ideally you don’t want to be taking up lots of space with multiple devices, so the likes of a notebook or a 2-in-1 may be more beneficial for your employees.

What laptop features does your business require?

Some businesses may only require the fundamental basics of laptop features such as USB port, HDMI port, RAM, hard drive, webcam, etc.

Other businesses may need to consider extra features such as graphic cards, battery life, SSD drive, and multi-core processors.

The features required all comes down to what your laptop will be used for.

If you’re a small photography business who needs to edit high-resolution images, you’re going to want to spend that little extra money on a laptop that has a full HD or Ultra HD screen and a multi-core processor to help your laptop run quickly & smoothly.

Does screen resolution matter?

Yes. Even if your business will be using a laptop for general browsing and documentation, you’re still going to want a decent resolution screen.

Depending on the size of the laptop you are after, the screen resolution will differ between models.

We would suggest looking out for HD, Full HD, or Ultra HD/4K – These are all high-resolution screens that would benefit any small business.

Windows 10 is a MUST!

Windows 7 is now ‘End of Life’, so it’s an absolute must to have Windows 10 - Microsoft’s latest, most powerful and secure operating system - installed onto your new Windows business laptop.

As a small business, you can benefit from Windows 10 Pro which includes all the functionality of Windows 10 home, but with added business features.

If you decide to buy a refurbished laptop from Stone Refurb, it will come with Windows 10 pre-installed, so it’s ready to go.

If you’re still debating what kind of laptop would be the best fit for your small business or if you have any questions about bulk buying your devices, contact a member of our team who will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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