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Our Refurbishing Process

Here at Stone Refurb, we offer quality refurbished tech for less - bringing you well known and popular brands at a great price. Our refurbished computers are carefully repaired and restored by our in-house experts at our UK Refurbishment Centre. Here’s how we make each device safe, secure, and ready for a new lease of life.

How We Refurbished? | How We Grade | About Us

Where do our devices come from?

Most of our desktops, laptops, and tablets are classed as retired business equipment. We get them from leasing companies who refresh their equipment every couple of years.

We are passionate about reducing waste electrical equipment and helping the environment. That’s why we believe strongly in refurbishing devices and saving them from going to landfills. It’s just one of the many reasons why you should buy refurbished!

How to Refurbish a Computer

A reputable refurbishing specialist should always go through a rigorous process to ensure that any second-hand devices are safe and ready for resale.For example, here at Stone Refurb, we go through the following procedure with each device to ensure it is properly refurbished and restored to its full potential.


Before we accept and restore any device, we ensure that all personal data has been removed. To keep our customer’s information safe, we securely wipe the hard drive using Blancco secure data erasure. This is a National Cyber Security Centre, FBI, and MoD certified system, proven to provide the ultimate security.


Our devices then go through a thorough pre-inspection, to make sure that the laptop or desktop meet our strict grading guidelines. We’ll make sure there is no serious damage or defects that will dangerously affect the safety and quality of the device.


We’ll then test the hardware to ensure all of the components are working to the same standard as when they were produced. We check components such as hard drives, RAMs, motherboards, processors, power supplies, and graphics cards to ensure each part is in a good condition.


Following our extensive testing, we will then set about replacing and repairing any part we find defective on the device. This can include important internal components, any broken or damaged plastics, and compromised hinges.


After everything is fixed and secure, we then install a genuine copy of Windows 10 with a recovery partition, unless you've selected not to have an operating system. You can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for a small fee and soon you’ll be able to have Windows 11 on our Windows 11 ready laptops and desktops!


The device is then cleaned so that no grime or dirt is on the outside and no dust is inside the device. If there are any significant scratches or cosmetic damage, we’ll take note of this and let you know.


Finally, the device goes through one last inspection and is given a grade. The grading system we use is a quality standard in the refurbishment industry that lets you know the quality of the device, both functionally and externally.


After this last step, the device is then listed on our website ready for sale! If you add any optional upgrades or extras, we’ll update the device for you before giving it a final clean and pre-dispatch check. We’ll then deliver the device to you, using deliveries by DPD.


Final Thoughts

Refurbished laptops and desktops are ideal for those looking to save a little money and help the environment. Providing a good level of performance at a smaller price point, refurbished devices are great for casual use and light work. If you need any help selecting the perfect device for you, do not hesitate to contact us so that our friendly team of experts can discuss your needs and find the ideal match for you.

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